• Facility Use Tally Sheet: This worksheet gives the guest, or potential guest, an idea of the cost of their stay at camp for using the entire facility (i.e. cabins, dining hall, etc.).  ​
  • OCHA.2016.Tally.Sheet.pdf
  • Your Responsibilities During Your Stay:   Please print and bring with you to assign these jobs to your group members to ensure a clean and safe stay at camp.  

Contact us  by phone at 509.322.1581 or e-mail @ al.bevier@gmail.com

Step 4.

Final payment:  Final Payment usually comes at the end of the stay, since most groups do not have an exact idea of how many people are in their group and where they are staying.  

Step 3.

Send in money for Reservation Fee along with General Rental Agreement and then we are ready for your group to arrive.

Step 2.

After initial contact has been made and a date has been set, it's time to read and fill out a few short forms.  

Step 1.

Contact Us:  You can reach us by phone   at   509.322.1581 or e-mail @ al.bevier@gmail.com

Getting Started: Bringing Your Group To Camp...

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A huge part of our mission as a para-church ministry is to provide a family friendly environment for groups, small or large, to be refreshed as the come to encounter Christ or simply to enjoy God's creation.

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